👏 ux cheer 👏

peers & mentorship for jr. women in ux & product

the ux cheer community brings you together with other women & nb junior UX and product designers to share, make friends, vent, access resources, and get your portfolios reviewed by Tanya Junell and special guest design leaders.

why join this community?

💡 learn together

you're just starting out and you are eager to learn and put your learnings into action. get mini-challenges and ideas to populate your folio!

🤗 support eachother

you deserve a network too - when the job hunt or life gets you down - lean on the community for laughs and friends.

➿ get feedback

take in feedback on your portfolios and those from

ux cheer members in live,

bi-weekly folio crits by

seasoned pros.

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uxcheer is for women and feminine non-binary only. Please indicate your pronouns.

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